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Attendance tracking app: clock in in one tap!

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Clocking in: a simple gesture that millions of people repeat every day. In recent years, many companies have begun to replace many old clocking systems with more, shall we say, state-of-the-art tools.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of attendance tracking apps and how they revolutionize time management in the company, greatly increasing efficiency and productivity. Start!

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What is an attendance tracking app?

An attendance tracking app is nothing more than a software that allows, in a simple and intuitive way, to record the start and end time of your work activity. You may be wondering: how? Via smartphone, tablet or other devices.

These are innovative tools that record working hours accurately and quickly, avoiding the use of old manual or paper systems. With these apps, you can track the attendance of your employees in real-time. In addition, technologies such as geolocation ensure accurate and secure data.

Why implement a time and attendance app in your company?

Attendance tracking apps are easy to use and very useful in businesses of all sizes and industries. Thanks to these apps, you will be able to better manage your time and save a lot of money.

Just think: a single software will allow your employees to “clock in” and out with a single tap, bringing a significant advantage in terms of time and costs for your company.

And is employee privacy respected?

Sure! Or rather, you need to know how to choose the right attendance tracking app. JOBy, the attendance tracking app developed by HT Apps, part of the JO Group cluster of companies, guarantees data protection. In practice, geolocation is activated only when the employee clicks or taps the app inside the workplace, thus ensuring the right balance between organizational needs and respect for privacy.
attendance tracking app

And what does the Privacy Guarantor think?

Privacy Guarantor expressly authorizes the use of the attendance register apps as long as certain conditions are met:

Why should I go digital? Here are 5 reasons

The good old paper time card still works very well, it’s true, but digital offers many more benefits. Here are 5 essential reasons why you should go digital. Here they are:

1. More precision

Attendance tracking apps eliminate the risk of human error in time and attendance, thus ensuring greater data accuracy.

2. Cost reduction

A time and attendance app reduces the management and maintenance costs of traditional clocking systems.

3. Greater flexibility

Employees, subject to scheduling, have the right to clock in from any authorized place, such as other offices or even their home in the case of smart working.

4. Data analysis

Attendance tracking apps produce detailed reports on the progress of employees’ work and therefore allow you to identify any critical issues.

5. Easier management for the HR manager

An app like JOBy, for example, makes attendance management easier and faster, both for employees and, above all, for the HR manager.

JOBy, the ultimate attendance tracking app

JOBy is a minimalist app, but at the same time complete. Its ease of use allows you to monitor your collaborators and/or employees in a simple and intuitive way. It is a perfect solution for any company, even with employees who are far away or working from home.

The combination of a user-friendly interface and the numerous features present in the administration back-end make JOBy the ideal solution for badge stamping.

JOBy: the features

Keep scrolling. Find out the main features of JOBy!
attendance tracking app

Who is JOBy for?

In addition to all those who carry out office work, JOBy is also suitable for external or seconded workers, such as:
JOBy solves the problem of ‘cunning’ once and for all, significantly reducing absenteeism at work and data loss. With JOBy, clocking in has never been easier, faster and more practical.

Request JOBy. Contact Now

It’s easy to try JOBy! Download the app directly from Google Play or the App Store and contact us to schedule a demo.

You can call us at +390957463250, fill out the contact form below or send us a message via WhatsApp. You choose, choose JOBy.

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