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Monitoring the clocking in of the employees is an important procedure not only within the company, but it also affects the off-site workers and the construction sites. In fact, usually the physical clocking in represents a limit for sectors such as construction, but by the attendance tracking app, which uses GPS, there is more than one benefit: greater precision and no location restrictions for clocking in.



The attendance tracking on construction sites becomes faster and easier thanks to JOBY GPS Attendance Tracking App, the online app for construction sites, which uses the GPS to record and send the clocking in of employees directly from their mobile phones or other devices. The app simplifies the management of work on construction sites and allow to save a huge amount of time and money, allowing also the worker to go to the customer or to the construction site, clocking in directly from there. After clocking in, it is possible to disable the GPS and reactivate it at the time of logout.

Workers engaged abroad can also use the JOBY GPS Attendance Tracking App to point out the performance of pre-established tasks, guaranteeing the exact correspondence between their working hours and the time actually measured. The distance is no longer a limit, thanks to the GPS!

Among large infrastructure works, large-scale interventions and small realities, a construction site can employ from a few people to hundreds. Here, one of the main problems to face is the correct management of workers, which requires knowledge of their exact number, their tasks, any shifts and absences, in order to manage everything in a simple and effective way.


It is difficult to have an overview on the construction site if you are forced to manage everything manually, with the risk of common human errors and forgetfulness that would slow down the work. This is the reason why the attendance tracking software for construction sites can be the right solution for this problem, allowing access to the most important information without the use of paper that is neither sure nor permanent.


Installing the online attendance detector, connected to the internet, solves the big problem of space. Avoiding a mobile stamping machine, which requires electricity to function, the front-end app and the back-end platform are easier to use. No more need for physical supports, difficult to transport, in the case of off-site jobs such as construction sites. The attendance tracking app guarantees data sharing even remotely for the management of teams of workers of various sizes, with extreme precision and efficiency.


Investing in workplace safety is a sign of corporate intelligence, care and respect for workers, especially in a high-risk sector such as construction. By an attendance tracking software for construction sites, both the worker and the company are protected, thanks to an always updated database, which counts the workers on site and the working hours, it also enables to know if someone has not respected their working hours. In this way, risks related to the absence of those indispensable figures for carrying out some activities are avoided.

The software, in fact, indicates the absence of employees, giving the possibility of knowing whether certain tasks or machinery are not executed or used. Similarly, in the case of accidents, you will have immediate access to verifiable data, useful to clarify the incident with greater reliability compared to a simple sheet of paper, a solution that instead is much easier to falsify.

JOBy GPS Attendance Tracking App


JOBY Attendance Tracking App enables also to track attendance and to check staff within the company, as well as off-site. With the app you can set the geographical coordinates directly from the platform, to indicate the place from which you can send your presence by logging in. Alternatively, employees can send their position directly from the app, allowing Admin and Managers to see exactly where the worker is on the map.

The two logins, Admin and Manager, allow you to view different information based on the hierarchy established, ranging from the personal data to the employee’s place of employment, and to modify data such as the Logs and locations, as well as adding extra time compared to that recorded by User.

For both versions of the app, the one that uses the IP address and the one that uses the GPS connection, the employees downloads the application on their smartphone and clock in by their mobile phones. The app is available on both Google and Apple stores.

The human resources manager will be able to know in real time the times and the exact place where the employee is at the time of clocking in. Furthermore, in the case of the version that uses geolocation for staff control on the construction site, it is possible to send a reminder to the site manager, to communicate the possible absence of an employee at the workplace. The clocking in data acquired by the platform are protected and stored on a dedicated server, accessible only by those who have the access credentials.

The app interface is totally user friendly and enables to:

Thanks to the new GPS technology, it is not necessary to install a gate device on the construction site, but just define a radius in meters, within which the employee can clock in. In other words, the attendance tracking app combines the planning, control, clocking in and creation of the attendance sheet in a single system, to have an overview of the workers’ situation in real time.

By JOBY GPS Attendance Tracking App for construction companies, cleaning companies, food delivery and other off-site jobs, you will have these advantages:

JOBY Attendance Tracking App and JOBY GPS Attendance Tracking App are available on the App Store and Google Play. Download the white paper and discover the latest data relating to the management of employees attendance at construction sites and within the company.

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