Differences Between a Virtual Badge and an Electronic Badge

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Virtual clocking in is a more innovative and efficient way of recording staff attendance than traditional clocking in using badge readers and timekeepers. It can be done either by landline phone or smartphone (Android or IoS), with or without biometric voice recognition and geolocation of the device.

The need to monitor employees’ clocking in and out is not a procedure that is only carried out in the company, but also affects off-site workers and various sectors, including the construction industry and building sites. Whilst physical time-keeping can often be a limitation, the advantages are more than one: greater accuracy and no constraints on a specific location.

A virtual badge is nothing more than a time and attendance app that no longer needs a machine to operate and that counts staff entries, while at the same time ensuring greater security in the company structure.

The attendance tracking app with stamping badge, combined with an excellent management software, allows you to count your employees’ working hours and/or absences with extreme convenience. In addition, it is a good control system for monitoring everything that happens (and doesn’t happen) in your company.


How does the virtual badge work? What can be done with an online digital badge and what are the advantages of an attendance tracking app over an electronic badge?

Here is a list of advantages:

The HT Apps time and attendance app makes it easy and convenient to control, manage and record attendance. With JOBY Attendance Tracking App you keep track of your employees’ clocking in and out times and assess their productivity.

JOBY has an incredibly simple and functional interface with a single button that allows employees to log in and out with one click. The administration of the company on the back-end side has the following possibilities:

Let’s take a look at the advantages of having a Time and Attendance app, compared to traditional electronic badges:


The digitisation of HR processes has an advantage that is always valid: it creates automation that can make people’s lives and work easier where processes are repetitive and do not require human intelligence.

In the case of virtual time stamping, everything is tracked, historicised, simple and transparent. In real time, 24 hours a day: a direct line to the employee, 100% digital.

JOBY uses Wi-Fi technology and geolocalisation, is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the official Apple and Google platforms. In order to actually use the Attendance Tracking app, however, you need to test the software. Contact us to try out a demo, we’ll explain everything about the easiest and most practical attendance tracking app!

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