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Differences among native apps, hybrid apps and web apps. Which are the best?

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Currently, as many of us know, the market is dominated by two mobile operating systems: iOS, developed by Apple, and Android, developed by Google. Each of them uses different programming languages: iOS Objective-C, XCode and Swift; Android Java or Kotlin.

In the past, the only way to develop an app was writing the code natively. Today, thanks to advances in technology, this is no longer the case.

There are, therefore, three types of apps: native, hybrid and web. Let’s discover them together.

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Native apps

Native apps are developed for a specific operating system, which means that an iOS app will not run on Android and vice versa.

The advantages of native apps are:

Native apps, in short, ensure an optimal user experience by adapting to each platform.

Hybrid apps

These apps are faster and cheaper to develop than the native ones. Basically, a single code is generated using markup languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

Hybrid apps are nothing more than websites within browsers run in full screen. This allows  a cross-platform approach.

The advantages of hybrid apps are:

Hybrid apps, therefore, are a good middle ground, involve less investment and are more versatile.

Web apps

In the case of web apps, users do not have to download and install any apps; they are simply mobile versions of a website.

A web app is the opposite of a native app; it therefore only requires an Internet connection to “work”.

Web apps also have some advantages:

Considering, however, that web apps do not allow push notifications and consume a considerable amount of data traffic, they may not be the best solution. In other words, web apps make the “loyalty” process more complex.

Which type of app to choose?

Let’s just say that choosing the right app depends on several factors: budget, objective and target audience. It is well known, for example, that iOS users, compared to Android ones, are more inclined to pay for an app or digital products.

Consequently, if you need a video game, it is better to go for a native app; if you want an app that is simple and accessible with push notifications, a hybrid app is better; finally, if you need an app that fits on any device, go for a web app.

The choice is up to you! We can guide you through the decision-making process, but you will decide. In any case, whether you need a native, hybrid or web app, if you trust the HT Apps team, you will not be disappointed. Contact us!

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