The attendance tracking app: JOBY

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One of the main objectives of every company is to optimise and reduce the management costs. Employee attendance management is fully part of this objective. Through JOBY it is possible to use the smartphone of the employees to stamp the time card and monitor the off-site with the GPS.


The administrative part of each company, whether public or private, has the task of scrupulously accounting for the hours worked by its employees. Monitoring the entry and exit times of many collaborators is an operation that takes a long time if done on paper or with Excel sheets, with the risk of entering incorrect data.

Instead of buying or renting expensive clocking in machines, JOBY technology allows you to meet all business needs at very low costs.

JOBY Attendance Tracking App allows employee to clock in simply using the smartphone (Android and iOS). The app uses the company’s Wi-Fi connection and IP address to have an attendance register. Furthermore, in full compliance wth privacy regulations, it is possible to monitor the attendance of employees off-site with GPS technologies..

JOBY has an incredibly simple and functional interface, all you need is a tap on the screen that allows employees to log in and log out with just one click. The administration of the company from the back-end side has the following possibilities:

Analysing specific information about your employees means being able to rely on an organisation that tends to improve production efficiency. The synchronisation of the information tracked within the attendance system enable the automatic control of errors or information inconsistencies.


The benefits of virtual badge

Unlike the traditional badge, JOBY can be considered a virtual badge that no longer requires the employee to clock in to the badge reader. Since it is all digital, it is sufficient to log in by the app at the entrance and logout at the exit, at any time or space within the company.

Each employee is associated with a unique identification code. In this way no one can stamp for an absent colleague and illicit behaviours are nipped in the bud. In fact, it is not possible to log in using different credentials than those present on your phone.

All procedures involving paper documentation and spreadsheets are slow and there is a high risk of errors and loss of information. JOBY allows data to be stored securely and makes the job easier for human resources managers by avoiding the risk of abnormal stamping. Studies on the subject confirm that the presence of a virtual badge reduces absenteeism. With JOBY, you can easily track attendance and activities without the need for physical devices. In short, with the digital transformation, it’s time to scrap the old badge!

Characteristics and funcionalities

Saving the costs related to the installation of physics clocking in devices, as well as to the support and maintenance of any software and hardware

It allows workers to clock in first at one location and then at another. It’s ideal for companies with several branches and worksites

Excellent tool for those companies that want to control accurately and effectively their Employees’ movements

The attendance tracking app for off-site employees

Many companies need to track the presence of their off-site employees, such as:

Nowadays smart working is very widespread, thus JOBY becomes the easiest solution to adopt in order to clock-in and out in remote working situations.

JOBY integrates the use of GPS to track the presence of off-site employees. Thanks to this feature, the employee can be monitored when moving to various construction sites, shops or other company offices.

In this way, the management, on the back-end side, knows the timetables and geographic locations of its employees in real time. In the case of construction sites, it will no longer be necessary to install a gateway device or a Wi-Fi connection.


Some people wonder whether it is possible to get your employees to use JOBY. The answer is yes! It is possible to track the location of employees if this is necessary for organisational reasons or to record access and attendance. Any company that has employees located at other branches can install an app on the smartphones owned by off-site workers that can verify their whereabouts via GPS geolocation services and Wi-Fi networks.

The privacy guarantor allows the use of these tools, but there are some special conditions. Let us look at them together:

Why choose us?

Taking advantage of technological innovations is essential for any company that wants to improve its performance. JOBY is an extremely simple and scalable application that perfectly suits any different type of company:

The important thing in time management is to have accurate and error-free data through a process that is quick and easy for everyone involved on a daily basis. For many years, the traditional timekeeper has been the only means of collecting this information: a system that requires a high initial investment for the purchase of the physical medium and the licence, that requires constant and costly maintenance and that ties you to a single supplier. What’s more, it is only suitable for the needs of certain types of company, while it does not cover the increasingly widespread need for off-site stamping.

It is now a fact that many organisations have many employees scattered across the territory, working remotely or on the move, and that the company is often spread over many small sites. It is clear, therefore, that the use of old stamping machines has to be replaced by more appropriate and innovative solutions, such as JOBY.

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