Universal Learning Object Integrator (ULOI)

Get ULOI: the learning object tracking tool for learning management systems (LMS)

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Are you involved in distance learning (DL) and would you like to monitor so-called learning objects, such as 2D and 3D educational games, within your learning management systems (LMS)? With the innovative data interchange module Universal Learning Object Integrator (ULOI) you can do so.

But let’s go step by step.

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What is ULOI?

ULOI is a SaaS data interchange bridge developed by HT Apps that allows the owners or admins of an LMS platform to monitor a multitude of learning objects, such as:

Why is ULOI innovative?

ULOI is innovative because, unlike other data interchange modules that force you to create learning objects within their development environments, it gives you programming freedom, guaranteeing extreme customisation and monitoring of any IT resource.

In other words, ULOI does not use predefined tools for coding and sending data (like other known LMS), but instead is aimed at those companies that have programmers in-house and wish to customise the monitoring of learning objects.

Why is ULOI universal?

The full name of ULOI includes the word ‘universal‘. This choice derives from the fact that the bridge allows any type of digital resource to be tracked within an e-learning platform. Let us, however, take some more concrete examples.

ULOI use cases

Let us assume that the reader is part of a training organisation and delivers online courses via a well-known LMS, such as VITECO‘s e-Logos. Well, through the implementation of the ULOI API, he will be able to track the progress of a learning object, such as a serious game, within the LMS.

Let’s change the scenario: imagine now that you want to track the interactions with the environment of an Internet of Things (IoT) device or that you want to monitor the most relevant metrics of an e-commerce; with ULOI, this is possible.

You decide what to track. The export formats are SCORM and xAPI. HT Apps will provide you with full support for API implementation.

Universal Learning Object Integrator (ULOI)

MINERVA: a success story

MINERVA is a learning management system developed by a consortium of 3 Sicilian companies (PMF Research, HT Apps and Sfera) which, from the outset, adopted ULOI as its data interchange module.

MINERVA aimed to improve learning processes with the aid of virtual reality (VR). In order to design better 3D courses, however, it was necessary to be able to track precedents. Thanks to ULOI, the MINERVA project created a structured database that allowed existing e-learning courses to be improved with surgical precision.


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