Customised management software

Customised management software for SMEs: tailor-made CRM and ERP

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Companies are constantly looking for solutions that can improve operational efficiency and offer competitive advantages. Customised management software is one of them.

Read on to find out what customised management software is; why, if you are a business owner, it’s important to have one and how it can make a difference.

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What is customised management software

Customised management software is a programme developed specifically for the needs of a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), business or organisation; it integrates the activities of different functional areas, such as logistics, warehousing, accounting, production, marketing and customer management.

The goal of any customised management software is to automate and thus ‘optimise‘ internal processes, increasing productivity and business efficiency in general.

What is the purpose and why use customised management software for your SME/business?

Unlike standard solutions on the market today, customised management software takes into account the peculiarities of your SME/company, guaranteeing greater scalability.

Customised management software


One benefit is, without a doubt, flexibility: customised management software can easily adapt to the various existing business processes, making them more efficient and avoiding waste of time and resources.

The fact that it’s scalable also means that it can grow with the company, adapting to time changes without the need to invest in new software.

The main benefit of customised management software are, therefore:

CRM: a useful ally for customer relationship management

We have said that customised management software can include other systems; one of these is Customer Relationship Management, acronym CRM. CRM literally means ‘customer relationship management‘, a very important aspect for any company.

A well-designed CRM makes it possible to

ERP: the structure behind enterprise resource planning

ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is the other component that should not be missing from management systems. ERP means ‘enterprise resource planning‘; it is an application through which a company’s processes can be managed. Generally, it helps companies integrate information flows into one centralised system.

A well ‘customised’ ERP can cover the various aspects of business activity, such as:

How does the development and implementation of customised management software work?

The development of customised management software starts with a detailed analysis of the needs of your SME/company. The developers will then work closely with your team to identify the so-called ‘key processes‘; these will form the basis of your management software.

After this initial phase, the actual software development will follow. It is therefore essential to choose an experienced company that is capable of developing scalable customised management software and offering continuous support, also in the post-implementation phase.

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